Nov 26, 2010, 09:36: Portobello Games Launch PlayPlax    

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Portobello Games Launch PlayPlax

Portobello Games are please to announce the launch of PlayPlax, the iconic children's construction toy.


Welcome to Portobello Games..

Where you can buy Snatch, the best selling word game which you will enjoy forever - it takes seconds to learn and about 20 minutes to play. This is the perfect present for teenage boys, brother-in-laws... and for families.


We have just brought out PLAYPLAX, the iconic toy invented by Patrick Rylands in 1966. A design classic, this beautiful construction toy has been made by the original factory in Cheshire. It is available on our new website (where you can also buy Snatch) so please visit


PlayPlaxSnatch - The word game


Please note, if you are ordering from overseas, we send the games by first class post but we do NOT use a courier system so there is no way of tracking your order.

If you are in the U.S you can contact who distribute Snatch-it

Snatch - Winner of 2008 Preferred Choice Award from Creative Child Magazine (US)

If you prefer to buy Snatch in a shop... pls contact David Westnedge Ltd on 020 8871 2654. They will be able to tell you if there is a stockist near you. Thank you.